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New features, improvements and bug fixes

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Shared by Merchant Support • December 20, 2022

Hi there,

We have some exciting new features, improvements and bug fixes!

New features

We have

  • Added the ability to change the order tags time format—you can now choose between 24-hour or a 12-hour clock.
  • Added the option to add a discount code for delivery and shipping.
  • Made the help articles more accessible within the app—you can now click on the "?" Icon next to the feature, and a help article will open within our chat widget.
  • Added the ability to choose fastest or shortest route when using maximum driving distance for delivery validation.


We have

  • Changed the wording of the custom icons in Text and design to "custom buttons". When uploading a custom image, it will replace the whole button, not just the icon.
  • Hidden the Google Maps API key within your delivery validation settings for increased security.
  • Added order links in Google calendar order events.
  • Updated “Filter by region” to “Filter by state/province” which more closely matches its functionality.
  • Added Zapiet.Widget.getCheckoutParams() function to the newest version of the widget.
  • Removed the legacy Sherpa integration.

Bug fixes

We have fixed the bugs where:

  • The negative preparation time was blocking the "Save" button within a location.
  • The store pickup region dropdown was missing after selecting a region where the pickup is not available. Region selection field will now consistently show.
  • The error wasn't showing when you tried to import files other than CSV. We have now improved CSV import validation.
  • The Google calendar "Import orders" function was not working properly. Past orders with future dates should now be importing correctly.
  • The Japanese currency wasn't displaying in our conditional activation feature.
  • The pricing policy was reset if you didn't save it before adding the rates.
  • The "More information" link for your pickup locations would show as "null" in the widget if the "more information" field was empty. We now hide the "More information" link from the widget if the field in the Text and design it empty.
  • The widget would reload for a second when entering a postal code for local delivery—it should now load seamlessly.
  • The error messages in the widget were transferred from one checkout method to the other.
  • The calendar numbers alignment would display differently depending on theme CSS.
  • Where "Select all 20+ orders" was not working for production reports.