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Improvements And Bug Fixes 15/11

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Shared by Merchant Support • December 01, 2022

Hi there,


We have:

  • Added the ability to add product specific preparation times by tags.
  • Added the ability to view customer addresses in a map when you're viewing an order.
  • Added the ability to add blackout dates in bulk for multiple locations.
  • Adjusted the time format (AM/PM) to be consistent throughout the app.
  • Removed the ability to add negative rate values, as they are not supported.
  • Added the ability to remove each of the order filters individually.
  • Started firing the "locationSelected" event when a location is selected for delivery or pickup.

Bug fixes

We have fixed the bugs:

  • Where the postal code would appear as "null" for countries not using the postal codes.
  • Where incorrect annual pricing is displayed in the app subscription settings.
  • With incorrect annual subscription date displayed in the app subscription settings.
  • Where clicking the "More information" link in the widget invalidated the date selection.
  • Where the "Problem saving rates" error appeared after enabling delivery rates and selecting "Deliveries are priced the same for all locations".
  • With several broken help article links within the app. All help article links should now be working correctly.
  • Where customer names weren't appearing on some of the orders in the dashboard.
  • With an incorrect error showing when the item got out of stock while already in the cart. You can now edit the wording of this error in Store Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Text and design.
  • With the date filter inconsistencies after refreshing the page. Order date filter is now working as expected.
  • Where you were able to bypass the time selection for pickup in the widget. The date and time selections are now working as expected.