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Custom pickup slots for the checkout widget, automated collections support for product availability, multi-origin shipping rates, and other app improvements

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Shared by Merchant Support • July 04, 2024

We're thrilled to share improvements that we believe you'll love!

Checkout widget

  • Custom pickup slots were previously only available for our cart widget. Now, they can also be used with our checkout widget!
  • You can now use the delivery validator as an app block, and then it will be compatible with the checkout widget.


  • Your store can now use multiple shipping origins with Zapiet rates in Shopify.
  • Product availability selection has been expanded to include automated collections, in addition to manual ones.
  • Delivery validator widget can now be added as an app block within your theme settings.
  • Searching on the locations page has been improved as you can now search your Zapiet locations by using the location ID.
  • Order dashboard date filtering has been enhanced. To display orders for a specific date, you now only need to select the start date.
  • Previously, when selecting more than 20 orders, only “20+” would be displayed in the app. We now show the exact number of selected orders.
  • The Product availability section of the app has been visually enhanced. A trash icon is now consistently displayed next to added products for easier removal.
  • Our POS app is snappier than ever with newly implemented speed improvements. We have also enhanced the Filter order page which now includes a calendar instead of the date list.
  • The Order charges subscription page was updated to show the date the charge was created on, instead of the date of the last invoice.
  • The app dashboard has been updated to accurately display relevant information and the setup guide.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, when a delivery time slot started at midnight (0:00), no timeslot would be displayed in the Zapiet single order view. Now, the midnight timeslot is correctly showing in Zapiet orders.
  • Subscribing to the RSS feed was not working properly within our changelog. The feature now works as expected.