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Week 25 • Checkout widget and product availability improvements, order processing and rates bug fixes

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Shared by Merchant Support • June 24, 2024

Here are the latest updates for our apps! 🚀

Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery

  • Pickup orders made through our checkout widget were showing shipping attributes. Our team has resolved this issue, and the correct attributes are now displayed for pickup orders.
  • A bug was causing orders to be deselected when the order status was updated. We have silenced this bug, so the selected orders now remain selected between status updates.
  • We have fixed the issue where removing locations in our app caused default rates to stop working.

Zapiet - Product Rates

  • Previously, you had to manually remove all products or collections before switching the product availability method. We have streamlined this process, allowing you to change the product availability on the fly!
  • Variant description wording will only show for products with variants.
  • When adding specific products, the bin icon was only displayed when hovering over the product. For better visibility, the bin icon is now always displayed for specific products.