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Zapier and Recharge integration updates, Widget API improvements and much more!

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Shared by Merchant Support • February 01, 2024

Another exciting chapter of Zapiet updates, waiting for you to explore and utilize them! 🕵️‍♀️👀

  • We have added the ability to change the “Continue shopping” link in the delivery validator widget.
  • We have made accessibility improvements on the newest version of our widget.
  • We have added the phone number field to the location settings. You can now use it as an attribute in your email notifications and show it in the “More information" pop-up on the cart page.
  • We have added the ability to send shipping orders to Zapier and automatically update order details in Zapier when you update them within our app.
  • We have improved our integration with Recharge, to minimize limitations.
  • We have added conditional activation and preparation time to our widget API.

Bug fixes

  • We have hidden the Text and design fields that aren’t used on the newest version of our widget.
  • Previously, when you changed the weight format in the settings, the rate conditions didn’t correctly update. This is now working as expected.
  • We have fixed a bug with date restricted products, where if you have a mixed cart with products that were allowed and disabled on some dates, all dates were blocked in the calendar. We will now show the correct available dates in the calendar.
  • We have updated the product-specific preparation time feature to make sure the longest preparation time is respected in all scenarios.
  • Previously, when you didn’t have the first location pre-selected, the pickup map wasn’t working as expected. We now show your locations in the map alphabetically if no locations are selected.
  • We now prevent you from editing or adding details to a draft order without selecting a location. You will see an error message instructing you to select a location.
  • We have fixed the issue with the time picker not working as expected when the pickup frequency was set to 20 minutes. Time picker should now work as expected with all frequencies.