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Improvements and bug fixes

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Shared by Merchant Support • January 19, 2024

Hi there,

We have prepared several improvements and bug fixes for you this week. 🚀


  • We improved the user interface for the logs page.
  • We added multi-language support for the rate name and description, but it’s only visible to stores who have more than one language added to Shopify.
  • We added a confirmation modal, which will appear when you try to delete a product group.

Bug fixes

  • Logs page now shows the correct shipping fees and the time in your local time zone.
  • We’ve fixed the bug with rate name changes not being saved. You can now save your custom rate name and description as expected.
  • If you’re using base fee by percentage, it now correctly calculates the percentage from the cart total and combines it with other rates, depending on your setup.