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Shared by Merchant Support • January 16, 2024

Hi there,

Enjoy this new batch of improvements and bug fixes we've cooked up for you 👩‍🍳🍳🍪

We have:

  • Improved pickup slots by giving you an option to create custom pickup slots ✨ You can now create any number of slots, and set up the duration of the slots to match your business needs. Take a look at our Configuring pickup slots article for more information!
  • Added support for inventory integration on the checkout extension widget.
  • Improved our Google Maps API key checker by adding billing validation.
  • Added support for paginated delivery location group zones and method definitions, to improve our Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery rates functionality.
  • Improved the wording within the Staff and permissions section.

We have fixed the bugs:

  • With order limits not blocking the calendar when using specific dates of the year. When the limit is reached, the date and time in the widget will now be correctly blocked.
  • Where checkout was blocked over a certain cart value when hiding our widget using custom scripts. This has now been fixed.
  • Where the “Save” button within locations was still active, even though the first save action wasn’t completed. We now grey out the “Save” button until the save action is completed.
  • On the Shopify mobile app, where you weren't able to delete specific dates within locations. You can now delete dates as expected.