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Checkout extension, cart widget and location bug fixes

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Shared by Merchant Support • December 08, 2023

Hi there,

It's update time. 🎉 Check out the enhancements and fixes we've made to make your Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery journey even better!

We have:

  • Fixed the bugs where the dates for date restricted products were showing incorrectly in the widget, when you added the same dates as blackout dates for shipping. Date restricted products will now show correctly in the widget.
  • Improved our saving process, to help with intermittent issues related to products and collections not being saved.

We have fixed the bugs with the checkout extension widget:

  • Where the pickup and delivery locations weren't loading. They are now loading as expected.
  • With the _ZapietId replacing the native Shopify product line item property at checkout.
  • Where only 50 locations could show in the list. We have now increased that to 300 locations, and will be working on improving that to support unlimited locations.
  • Where if future orders restriction was set to 0, no dates would appear. You can now add any value to the future orders feature, and it will be working as expected.