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Shared by Merchant Support • November 21, 2023

Hi there,

We're thrilled to share the newest improvements and fixes to make your Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery journey even better! 🥳

We have:

  • Added support for emojis! 💃 Your customers should now be able to add emojis into the order's notes field and the order will be correctly processed.
  • Improved fallback rates to ensure only enabled delivery options and locations are available for selection.
  • Added a banner for each delivery option to inform merchants if the delivery option is disabled and advise to enable.
  • Added a banner to our specific products, date restricted products and product-specific preparation time to notify you that you can only add 200 products at a time.
  • Improved the rates setup wizard and the stability of creating rates.
  • Increased the number of zones we can import per delivery profile to 12, and the number of rates within each zone to 16. We'll be working on improving the experience for stores with more zones and rates.
  • Updated the checkout locales to better support one-page checkout.
  • Added support for 6-character long region codes, such as PE-ARE (Arequipa) in Peru.
  • Added support for emojis in the delivery note field.

We have fixed the bugs:

  • Where blackout dates and specific dates of the year were not showing correctly in the widget in some cases. This is now working as expected.
  • Where rates didn't always update or get created within Shopify.
  • Where the draft orders list and and view order page were not loading correctly on POS on iOS 17. The orders should now be loading correctly.
  • Related to blackout dates and specific dates of the year, where they were sometimes causing issues in the widget calendar. This is now working correctly.
  • Where saving a location with specific product availability would sometimes time out and products would be lost. Saving specific products is now working as expected.
  • Where reaching a pickup or delivery slot limit didn't block that slot from the widget. Pickup and delivery slots will now be correctly blocked when the limit is reached.
  • With product availability by specific tags where unavailable products were sometimes available. This is now working as expected.
  • Where if the customer would get a 100% discount in the checkout, and returned back to cart, they would not be able to proceed to checkout again as their post-discount cart value was 0. We now read the original cart value if the customer returns to the cart and your customers will be able to check out as expected.
  • Where if the date-restricted product was disabled on dates within the future order restriction, the browser would freeze. The widget calendar is now working as expected.
  • With the pickup map in the widget, where if you selected a location on the second page (and onwards), the pickup map didn't update. All locations are now loading correctly on the map.