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Improvements and bug fixes

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Shared by Merchant Support • May 11, 2023

Hi there,

We have been working hard to improve the app and fix the bugs—take a look at what we've been up to! 👇

We have:

  • Added support for connecting multiple Zapiet locations to one Shopify location when using the inventory integration.
  • Added support for connecting more than 20 locations when using the Shopify inventory integration.
  • Improved the feature view on the plans page, to clearly show which features are available on which plan.
  • Added the ability to select whether you want to have a preselected location for pickup (on the newest version of our widget).
  • Made the banner about the initial import on the inventory integration page dismissible—you can now click X to remove it.

We have fixed the bugs:

  • Where the months within the blackout dates feature were showing in the browser language instead of the app language.
  • With exporting orders, where all orders were exported instead of the one that was selected. Exporting orders is now working as expected.
  • Where the status change buttons in a single order view weren't showing in a single line. The buttons are now showing as expected.
  • With importing locations from Shopify when you first install our app. Previously, if you had more locations in Shopify than in the plan you selected with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, we would import all of your Shopify locations. Now, we will import only the number of locations allowed in your plan.
  • Where the checkout button would get locked if you clicked it after selecting all the details in the widget. This is now working as expected.
  • With Recharge logs when using our date incrementation feature. Logs should now be working as expected.
  • Where you were able to delete your default language within the app. We now hide the delete option for the default language.
  • Under Rates > Advanced carriers, where the "Save" button was greyed out if you pasted the API key instead of typing it. The "Save" button is now clickable when you paste the API key.
  • With the message to remind you to create shipping rates. It is now dismissible, and will only show if you don't have any rates or carriers added.
  • Where the publish date for changelog updates wasn’t translated.
  • With pickup limit reports not showing the time selector. You should now be able to select the date and time in pickup limit reports if you offer time slot limits.
  • Where the pickup preparation time per minute wasn't working correctly if the pickup order limits by time slot were enabled.
  • With product availability, where if you had specific products added, and wanted to switch to specific collections, an error would show. You can now switch between product availability methods as expected.
  • Where disconnecting and connecting the inventory integration would cause an error. This is now working as expected.
  • With the chat widget appearing when editing the order details. Now, It should only appear in the main screen.
  • Where Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery intermittently wasn’t opening on the Shopify mobile app for some merchants. This should now work as expected.
  • With Italian translations within the app admin pages.
  • Where delivery slot reports weren't opening when delivery slots are different each day of the week. Delivery slot reports should now load as expected.
  • With Shopify inventory integration, where orders were not automatically fulfilling for some users. Orders should now be fulfilling as expected.
  • Where if you had delivery availability set to specific dates of the year that weren't included in your product date restriction rules, the date restricted products would not be available. Now, date restricted products will be available on selected dates regardless of the specific dates of the year setting.