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Improvements and bug fixes

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Shared by Merchant Support • January 19, 2023

Hi there,

We have added exciting new improvements and bug fixes!


We have:

  • Added the option to include a delivery note directly in the widget. The note can be optional or required, and shows as an order attribute in the Shopify order view.
  • Created an integration with Shopify Flow—you can now use created and updated pickup, delivery and shipping orders as triggers.
  • Added the option to set shorter product-specific preparation times. Previously, product-specific preparation times needed to be longer than your general ones.
  • Made some improvements to the text sizes and modals within the app.
  • Added a button to select all of your locations in Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery. Previously you were able to select only 10 at a time.
  • Added the ability to validate the postal code or address for delivery by clicking anywhere on the screen, in order to improve customer experience.
  • Adjusted the wording on our Rates page to match the new Shopify requirements regarding the Carrier Service API (Carrier-calculated shipping).

Bug fixes

Fixed the bugs where:

  • When exporting locations, one location always had a region in New York, regardless of the country. Regions in export files are now showing as expected.
  • Incorrect time slots were appearing in the widget when using preparation time for date restricted products. Now, the time slots are showing correctly.
  • The wrong error message would show and the checkout button would be locked if you tried to check out before the widget finished loading. We now lock the checkout button until the widget has loaded.
  • Locations could be saved with duplicate delivery slots. We now remove the duplicate slots when the location is saved.
  • For shipping product date restrictions, the deleted dates were still showing in the calendar. This is now working as expected.
  • The same-day pickup slots were showing incorrectly. They are now showing as set up in the settings.
  • The deactivated Shopify locations were listed in our Shopify inventory integration. Now, deactivated Shopify locations are not showing on the list.
  • The order status marking wasn't working correctly when all orders were selected. You can now select all orders and change the status as expected.